PRE PLEASURE (Purple Vinyl) + Lydia T-Shirt [PRE-ORDER]

PRE PLEASURE (Purple Vinyl) + Lydia T-Shirt [PRE-ORDER]

Julia Jacklin's brand new third album, PRE PLEASURE, is available for pre-order and scheduled to ship on August 26, 2022.

Limited edition, artist exclusive purple vinyl signed by Julia.
Deluxe Gatefold Jacket.
Includes Digital Download Code.

BRAND: Gildan
INK COLOR: Black, Burnt Orange
Design by Jordanne Chant


1. Lydia Wears A Cross
2. Love, Try Not To Let Go
3. Ignore Tenderness
4. I Was Neon
5. Too In Love To Die
6. Less Of A Stranger
7. Moviegoer
8. Magic
9. Be Careful With Yourself
10. End Of A Friendship